Dong Quai Powder 100% Pure Angelica Sinensis Powder

Dong Quai Powder 100% Pure Angelica Sinensis Powder

1.Product Name:100% pure angelica sinensis powder
2.Specification:Pure Powder
3.Appearance:Brown Yellow Powder
4.Latin Name:Angelica sinensis root
5.Application:Health-care Products, food, drinks

Product Details

Angelica is a good remedy for colds, coughs, pleurisy, wild angelica extract Ligustilide powder, colic, rheumatism and diseases of the urinary organs, and it is generally used as a stimulating expectorant, combined with other expectorants the action of which is facilitated, and to a large extent diffused, through the whole of the pulmonary region.

[Product Name]:

Danggui Powder

[Latin name]:

Angelica Sinensis


 Pure powder


Brown yellow Powder

[Active Ingredient]: 

Danggui root

[Shelf life]: 

[Shelf life]:24 months


1kg/bag, 25kg/drum

[Free sample]:




1. Nourish the blood
2. Have a laxative effect
3. Anti-aging


1. Danggui powder can be used in the food field,
2. Danggui powder can be used in the Pharmaceutical field to make tablets and capsule

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