Food Cosmetic Grade Oyster Shell Powder

Food Cosmetic Grade Oyster Shell Powder

1. Product Name: Moringa Leaf Extract 2. Specification:50:1 10:1 20:1 3. Active Ingredients: Moringa Leaf 4. Free Sample

Product Details

Grinding Chinese Herb Medicine Freeze Dried Food Cosmetic Grade Oyster Shell Powder

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Product Description


Basic Information
Product NameOyster Shell Powder
Chinese NameOyster Powder
Active IngredientOyster Shell
SpecificationGrinding Powder no any additive
AppearanceWhite Fine Powder
Physical Characteristics
 Ash Content≤5% 
Microbiological Assay
Total Plate Count≤1000cfu/g
Total Yeast & Mold≤100cfu/g
Packing1kg/bag  25kg/Drum
ShippingBelow 300kg By Air, Above 300kg By Sea
StoragePlaced in a cool and dry place, avoid light  and high-temperature 
Shelf Life24months
Sample10-20g free sample

  Not Extract Grinding Chinese Herb Medicine Cosmetic Freeze Dried Food Grade Oyster Shell Powder.jpg



As an aphrodisiac, oysters can help boost sexual performance and libido, primarily in men
Weight Loss
Oysters represent one of the most nutrient-packed foods with the lowest calories versus the volume of serving size. [2] This means that people trying to lose weight can keep their body packed with the nutrients it needs, without adding too much weight
Protein Content
Proteins are an essential part of our diet, and oysters are a very strong source. [3] Proteins are often broken down by the body’s enzymatic activity and then reconstructed into usable human proteins in every part of the body 
Protect Heart Health
Oysters can positively impact heart health in a variety of ways, but primarily the high levels of omega-3 fatty acids versus omega-6 fatty acids are what impact the cholesterol so greatly
Speed up Healing
The unprecedented levels of zinc in oysters result in a number of health benefits, including quicker wound healing rates and a boosted immune system against various infections and microbes
Increase Blood Circulation
Oysters are also a very impressive source of iron, with more than 90% of our daily requirements in each serving
Maintain Bone Health
The mineral content, as we’ve explained, is quite impressive in oysters, and is also a major contributor to the strength of your bones.
Boost Immune Function
Boosting the immune system is yet another possible health benefit of eating oysters. The vitamin C and vitamin E content, as well as various minerals that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, are able to defend the body against free radicals that are byproducts of cellular metabolism 
Not Extract Grinding Chinese Herb Medicine Cosmetic Freeze Dried Food Grade Oyster Shell Powder.jpg

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